Roxane Permar

  • Film stills from “Imprints”, three films, 60 mins each, from the project I Vesterveg (2008-2011) a collaboration between artists and museums of Shetland, Faroe, Iceland, Norway and Denmark. Conceived and curated by Málfríður Aðalsteinsdóttir., click here to enlarge.
  • “Paint Your Maiden Tower” - 1st International Art Festival, Baku Old City, Azerbaijan, international painting event, acrylic paint, fibre glass, 2010, 40” x 40” x 30”.  Passersby of wide age ranges, nationalities and backgrounds helped the artist paint., click here to enlarge.
  • Roxane Permar & Nayan Kulkarni, “Mirrie Lace”, projection of Shetland Lace hand knitted by Angela Irvine, Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland, nylon monofilament, wire, gobo projector, lenses, 2010; lace: 4” x 4”, projection dimensions vary. Photo: Mark Sinclair, click here to enlarge.
  • Roxane Permar & Nayan Kulkarni, ‘Mirrie Dancers: Auld Chapel’, Longfield, Shetland; temporary illumination; LED luminaires, mobile wind turbine, March/April 2010, 6 hours daily, 42 days. Part of a large community public art project. Photo: Mark Sinclair, click here to enlarge.
  • Domestic Dialogues, parts 2 and 3, Shetland and St Petersburg, Russia,  in collaboration with Susan Timmins, 2007, click here to enlarge.
  • Blueprints, detail, participatory project with residents of Newlyn and Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall, 2007, click here to enlarge.
  • Through the Moonpool, Digital photograph derived from ROV video, 2001, click here to enlarge.
  • Step by Step, Medium: DVD, 00:03:00, 2005, click here to enlarge.
  • Roseland im Jacobigarten, Malkasten, Dusseldorf, 2006, Photo: Birgit Jenson, click here to enlarge.
  • 4,000 Flowers: Park Matters, public consultation event with Shillam+Smith Architects, 2003, click here to enlarge.
  • Echolalia's Walsall Archive, project about gift-giving and exchange for In Memoriam, The New Art Gallery Walsall, 2000 – 01, click here to enlarge.
  • 1,100 Rosebuds.  An event at Newlyn Art Gallery, 1 – 8 May 2004, click here to enlarge.

I work in response to issues of location, history and community, using sculpture, film, sound, textiles, live event and social exchange to realise projects, events and sculptural installations. I see art as a vehicle for change where people and communities come together to engage in processes of social interaction and creative exchange. The dynamic relationships that come out of these situations give each of my projects their distinct character. I often use the experiences of gift giving and exchange as key catalysts for developing these dynamic relationships. Artist-led initiatives, networking, participation and collaboration are important to my work.

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